We have created GIKAI landing page for thought leaders and innovators ecosystem. We are living in huge disruptive times, what’s the impact on our lives, on your business, on our planet ? Do you want to know ? Do you need to do ?

OUR NO BANK is a philosophy and a technology to come to create and maintain links between you and data, actors of innovations, between innovators and investors, between StartUp and ordinary people.

To participate, you have to be invited or to be member of our circles as The COCÖÖÖN‘s affiliated. The COCÖÖÖN is a consortium half NGO and half business on humaritarian and innovation topics.

You’re welcome !


Global Impact Knowledge and innovation

We are a collective of people interested about disruptive innovations in several subjects as management, teaching, blockchains, 3D printing, AI, collective intelligence…

Our purpose is to collect information, to create events, hackathons, to help startups and others to develop their best prospects for our future.

Our plateform is a hub for our members and your informations.  The member can apply to our Think Tank meetings and we can manage to get them in touch with other members, incubators, investors  and other innovation branch.